no image

  chrisod 08:39 23 Oct 12

hi when i visit some forums i`m getting a blank image of an photo on some peoples profiles..not all people... do i need to adjust pc settings and if so how Thanks

  rdave13 09:03 23 Oct 12

It sounds as if those forum members haven't uploaded an image to their profiles, so you only see a blank image.

  chrisod 09:12 23 Oct 12

hi yes agree with that but its friends who i know who no longer have an image showing i have asked them if they have an image there and they have

  LanceAlot 09:36 23 Oct 12

Try running CCleaner to clear out junk files. But don't touch the registry cleaner.

  chrisod 10:38 23 Oct 12

hi tried that lanceAlot...still no images for certain people :(

  lotvic 11:50 23 Oct 12

Have a look at same page on someone else's pc and see if the pictures show for them. Then you will know if it is just your pc or not.


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