No hyperlinks in Outlook e-mails

  Clapton is God 07:38 05 Jun 12

My O/S is Win 7 Professional 64 Bit. My e-mail client is Outlook 2003.

Whenever I type an e-mail address or insert a website address into a new e-mail they always appear as plain text rather than as a blue underlined hyperlink.

Is there a particular setting I need to use in Outlook to enable hyperlinks in my e-mails?

  wiz-king 07:48 05 Jun 12

Have you set your default mail style to HTML?

  Clapton is God 07:53 05 Jun 12


Yes, I have.

  Clapton is God 08:24 05 Jun 12

Solved it!

Under Tools; Options; Mail Format I had Use MS Office Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages ticked.

I've unticked that and hyperlinks are now inserted into new messages.

  onthelimit1 08:55 05 Jun 12

That's odd - I have that box ticked yet hyperlinks appear in underlined blue!

  swapper 09:13 05 Jun 12

WinXP My friend is having a lot of trouble trying to connect to the Internet via her BT BB. I am with Virgin and have not much idea of what to check (I have not much ida anyway).

Is there a correct way of checking the connection, i.e a check list, rather than go about it in a haphazard wat I would do!

thank you

  onthelimit1 09:17 05 Jun 12

Best to start a new thread as it's a different subject.

BT have a number of diagnostic tools included in their software - try running those. What lights appear on the Hub? Suggest you start the new thread I suggested, and include this extra info.

  Woolwell 12:30 05 Jun 12

I suspect that in Word 2003 you may have the auto-correct to turn text into hyperlinks turned off. Could be wrong though!

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