No home page on Google

  SteveCottrell1 16 Nov 09

Hi all
Having built a website some months ago
Submitted to Google and verified
If I put my web address click here into a Google search my home page does not show up.What does show is a page that was deleted from my site a month ago. Is there a problem or will I just have to wait for Google to sort it out.


  SteveCottrell1 16 Nov 09

May I just add if you click on the link above it takes you straight to my home page ( not Google search)

  webharry 16 Nov 09

Hi Steve,

IMO, you there's nothing to worry about, it seems that Google has not updated it's chache and hence it's showing old deleted page.
Solution :- You need to get more backlinks and can also try to resubmit your website.

All the Best !!

  Ansolan 16 Nov 09

Hi Steve

Just to add to the advice above, whilst this can't give certain results, for a text search, or site search click here no homepage visible. Doesn't look to be indexed.

Can't see that you are blocking anything at present and there is a recent cache date. Even so, you should check server logs and use the fetch as googlebot tool in Webmaster Tools (your site appears verified) to check for access problems.

There are other possibilities but lack of access is a commmon cause of this. Also noticed you are with a free host, don't know that one so may be fine but some do block google from time to time dependent on load, so check regularly.

BTW you might remove this from your home page:

If you would like to Link To Wirral fisheries please do so and contact me and I will reciprocate

Not a good approach re search engine guidelines and not much use either.

  SteveCottrell1 19 Nov 09

Hi all
Many thanks for all your replies
Lots to be going on with there
Will post the outcome


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