no graphics - red crosses

  crazykat22 16:16 20 May 03

Why when I send pictures to my cousin get emails back saying she hasn't received them but has blank box and red cross in corner? I have sometimes received such email but it is the sending of family photo's that I want to send and be sure they arrive. Any ideas? any cure?

  Valvegrid 18:02 20 May 03

It sounds like your cousin hasn't got something linked to make his email program open graphic files.

Can you give a little more information on what O/S he is using e.g. WIN98, WINXP and what server AOL or other and what email program e.g. Outlook Express or Outlook etc. Then someone may be able to pin-point the problem.


  Djohn 18:22 20 May 03

meanwhile right click on the red X and choose "Show picture" see if that helps. J.

  crazykat22 18:44 20 May 03

Hi all

Thanks for the replies. Cousin is using XP and btopenworld. trouble is she says it is only pictures from me that appear that way. this is why I am looking for solution.

I am on 98 and with freeserve. I have now put on Eudora email to see if this helps. Also I did read that Explorer 6 could be responsible. Instrustions to replace it with Explorer5 do not work - instrustions from Microsoft site. I cannot go back to Ex 5, all that happens is 6 is still there.

I am trying different formats to send. I know jpeg and gif is supposed to be best but doesn't work for me!

Any ideas welcome and thanks anyway.

  Valvegrid 18:56 20 May 03

Sorry, my fault, the most importent question I should have asked is what type of file are you sending him? sounds like your sending him a file that is not supported on his computer.


  crazykat22 20:52 20 May 03

Hi Paul

I am sure the problem is with me. Tonight I reinstalled Yahoo messenger. I went to put a background on and I got a message from Yahoo. Script error message and also that IE wasn't installed properly. I went to Microsoft site and downloaded/reinstalled IE6. Now I wait to see if this has made a difference. I like logical explainations and if this was the problem I will post again. Thanks.

  crazykat22 21:07 21 May 03

It looks like the problem is now solved. I have reinstalled IE6 from Microsoft site. I have put Eudora email on and yesterday I sent several people pictures. Today they contacted me saying they had received them all. thanks to all.

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