No Graphics

  Parbuster 12:21 23 Oct 05

When I go on to some websites there are no illustrations just a blank square with a small square in the top left corner which contains a coloured triangle,a square, and a circle.I've tried clicking on this but nothing happens,if i see a Red Cross in a square and right click I get a menu which shows a right click instruction"Show Picture" which does what it says.What is the solution for the other item?
Thanks beforehand,I know someone will have the answer.

  LivEviL 12:57 23 Oct 05

what web browser are u using?

  Parbuster 15:20 23 Oct 05

I am using Explorer and Firefox

  Klof Ron 15:26 23 Oct 05

Its a Macromedia Flash movie, you need the plug in

click here

  Parbuster 18:55 23 Oct 05

Did what you said installed Macromedia,now have no pictures?just a number of blank spaces where there should be illustrations?

  AndySD 19:19 23 Oct 05

Have you installed Java Virtual Machine... click here

  Parbuster 11:45 24 Oct 05

Hi I have installed Macromedia Flash Player 8 and Shockwave Player and I have Java Plug in and Java Runtime Env.SEv1.4.2

  splork 11:53 24 Oct 05

Don't know if you've looked, but in Firefox, go to Tools/Options/WebFeatures, if `Load Images` is not ticked that's your problem.

  splork 11:55 24 Oct 05

If it is ticked and "For the originating website only" is also ticked, that would prevent you seeing some images.

  Parbuster 18:41 09 Mar 06

I must apologise to all who answered my query,it seems to be O.K. now.Sorry to have been so long acknowledging your assistance.

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