No-go to blackviper

  tonyx1302 21:58 16 Oct 04

Hello out there. I am trying to log on to but I keep getting 'You are not authorized to view this page'.
How do I get pass this stoppage please


Whoops. Sorry forgot XP with SP2 on board and running a treat

  niknax 22:01 16 Oct 04

opens okay with me!! xp no sp2


  feb 22:01 16 Oct 04
  tonyx1302 22:12 16 Oct 04

Okay nixnax. Don't rub it in !!! Hi feb. Clicked on your link and got the same 'not authorised ' etc

Any other ideas please



  feb 22:16 16 Oct 04

Hi Tony, works for me SP2 included! Must be your end!

  Jackcoms 22:17 16 Oct 04

Has BV's site somehow found its way in to the Restricted Sites in your Internet Options/Security settings?

  tonyx1302 22:23 16 Oct 04

Me again. Hi Jackcoms. Just checked my Res sites but it isn't listed in there.


At least I know feb that I cannot blame it on SP2 as it runs ok with you.

  feb 22:38 16 Oct 04

I don't know if I'm wasting my time, but try another link! click here

  tonyx1302 22:40 16 Oct 04

Thanks feb. Tried that one as well but got same result. there must be a problem somewhere in my settings

  tonyx1302 10:40 17 Oct 04

I am still trying to connect to blackviper via postings, google etc but am still getting the same 'not authorised ' message. I have tried all suggestions,thanks Crossbow 7, feb & nixnax but none have worked. Has any member any other thoughts or ideas

With thanks


  feb 13:56 17 Oct 04

What firewall are you using?

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