no film, just sound track on media player

  mec13 21:41 29 Nov 06

when I placed a dvd film into my machine, just a black screen appeared, but the sound track was ok.
I have windows media player 10, and winamp on my Window XPhome sp2 computer.
I've also noticed that 'Photo story 3' also when played just shows a black screen in WMP, but the music background is heard fine when the slide show is played.
It worked fine recently, but suddenly this fault arrived somehow.

Auto update, anti virus, windows defender etc, are all updated
Downloading WMP 11 didn't cure anything, so I rolled back to WMP10. Winamp also is affected.

  skidzy 21:45 29 Nov 06

System Restore ?

  mec13 21:47 29 Nov 06

system restore doesn't help!

  skidzy 21:49 29 Nov 06

Check device manager for any yellow exclaimation marks beside Display Adapters

Start/Right click My Computer/properties/Hardware/Device manager

  skidzy 21:53 29 Nov 06

It could be possible you need a missing codec,try the K-Lite pack click here

  mec13 21:57 29 Nov 06

everthing is fine in the hardware, no yellow exclaimation, no hardware changes etc. I even rolled back/updated drivers, still no joy

  mec13 22:02 29 Nov 06

This codec thing did cross my mind skidzy, thanks for the link, but I must admit its an area that I've never really dared go near.

  Joe R 22:03 29 Nov 06


what Dvd codec are you using?

  skidzy 22:11 29 Nov 06

If no joy using the codec pack try VLC click here

  Joe R 22:13 29 Nov 06

or another. click here

  Stuartli 22:14 29 Nov 06

In WMP's File Types (from Tools>Options) have you Enabled all the File Types including DVD?

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