No display until Windows starts

  Mr_Mad 16:50 28 May 03

This is a queer problem that only seems to have manifested itself a couple of weeks ago.

I get no display on my system until Windows XP loads and displays the logon screen.
This means I cannot get into the BIOS or use the windows startup menu to use safemode.

(Graphics card is a Geforce4 4200.)

Has anyone else experienced this bizarre problem?


  akzah 16:57 28 May 03

I had this on much older machine when I installed a wrong driver for the Grahpics Card for DOS, this meant only in windows would the screen show me what going on.

Try and open up command prompt? Does it work or the does the machine freeze or can you see anything?

  DieSse 17:23 28 May 03

Some motherboards (QDI is one that I know) - have an option for exactly this, called "Boot Easy".

You can still get into the BIOS by pressing the Del key, even though there is no display about this.

  Mr_Mad 17:29 28 May 03

Managed to "borrow" an AGP card from work. The display seems to appear during bootup now.

The only difference between the cards is that one is 2x and one is 4x..!?

akzah: yeah, I can open up a command prompt from windows.

Could it be a BIOS setting wrongly configured...

Cheers for your responses,

  Stalker 17:40 28 May 03

You could try resetting the bios, eithe rby taking the bios battery out, or if you have a jumper setting to clear the bios, and test.

If you have DVI connection on your gfx it could be trying to output to the during boot up, this would be a gfx bios firmware problem (which i have seen but im not allowed to tell you about hehe)


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