No Display on Laptop

  mike1967 06:53 23 Mar 08

No display on Laptop


Got no display on my laptop, I know there is a function button can can use to go between laptop display and another display does anyone know what it is please

Laptop is a HP DV6000


  STREETWORK 06:57 23 Mar 08

Press - CTRL and F7 together...

  Taff™ 07:39 23 Mar 08

On my HP it`s the Function Key (Fn) plus F4 key. Look at the Function keys across the top of the keyboard for a symbol that looks like two vertical lines with a rectangle between them.

  mike1967 07:42 23 Mar 08

Thanks for that tried the Fn plus f4 but it hasn't worked

Will try CTRL F7

If these don't work anyone with any other ideas

  setecio 09:01 23 Mar 08

When you turn it on, do you see anything appear on the screen ? Make sure you are completely turning it off (use start - shutdown)

  dms05 09:07 23 Mar 08

Can you attach a monitor to the laptop to check the output?

I'd try all the Fn + f1-12 keys to see what happens. On my Acer it's Fn+f5 to switch between screens.

  Taff™ 13:21 23 Mar 08

To toggle between an external monitor and the laptop is Fn+F4 on DV6000 series laptops. It won`t work unless you have an external monitor attached which suggests you have a display problem. Attaching an external monitor is probably the only way to go to diagnose the problem.

If you can get a picture on the external monitor, the problem is likely to be with the screen or the inverter. If you can`t we are looking at the video drivers. Can you boot into safe mode? (F8 key on start up) This may use standard VGA drivers and give you a picture.

  mike1967 19:41 23 Mar 08

Tried an external monitor no joy

Does this suggest a graphics card problem?

laptop only 4 months old so still under guarantee

  woodchip 20:15 23 Mar 08

Yes it's F4 on my HP laptop

  woodchip 20:17 23 Mar 08

It may be the hard drive that is the problem, or it could be the battery. Take the battery out and try running it just on mains

  Terry Brown 20:35 23 Mar 08

As the laptop is only 4 months old, I would suggest contacting the supplier about a repair/ replacement.
If you attempt to 'repair' it yourself, you could make the guarantee invalid.

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