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  pj1664 12:55 11 Sep 07

Hi guys, A friend of mine brought his desktop to me with a problem and I am a little confused to say the least, the system boots up after detecting the hard drive and then there is nothing on the screen. He is using onboard graphics and in the BIOS the init disply is selected as "on board" but the screen just stays blank. I even tried loading the operating system cd to repair xp installation but the screen goes blank. I eventried the motherboard cd and with same results. Any idea why this is hapenning, speking to him he did not change any display drivers and any drivers for that matter. Any help would be greatfull. Thanks.

  ambra4 12:59 11 Sep 07

Replace the memory chips and see if that works

  pj1664 13:13 11 Sep 07

Hi ambra4, I tried what you suggested with an identical memory, it did not work or made any difference.

  pj1664 13:21 11 Sep 07

Ok I loaded the hard drive in a different machine and the result are the same, seems like there is something wrong with the hard drive, is there any way ro retreive the drive infomation or get it going again?

  pj1664 19:54 11 Sep 07

Is there any software out there will kick start this hard drive?

  Peachy boy 22:53 11 Sep 07

Has he ever changed bios setting that are essential to boot up the pc, if not you could try taking out the motherboard battery for a while to reset bios but if the pc seems to boot from hard drive this might not be any help. But just a thought

  Peachy boy 22:55 11 Sep 07

The hdd wouldn't boot in another pc anyway as far as am aware.

  pj1664 14:31 12 Sep 07

Hi peachy boy, ya correct the hdd wont boot even on an identical MOBO on a different pc. I just seems to me the HDD just need some sort of kick start, any software or dignostic tool that might help that you know of?

  Peachy boy 16:11 12 Sep 07

emm not off the top of my head, but can you hear the hdd spinging or scratching not sure if u could put it in another pc as a slave drive and if you could get into windows you might be able to see if you can recover any files. if you can then download this to find important files click here its called agent ransack but its just a free version of file locator pro

  wee eddie 16:50 12 Sep 07

Google it first, just to make sure how to remove any Water Vapour, and be prepared to download all the files to another drive, immediately, if it does start ~ You may not get a second chance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:51 12 Sep 07


try connecting the HDD as either
a slave in the other machine
or in an external caddy
and see if you can access the data.

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