no disc

  Pugster 16:02 04 Aug 07

I have a Lite-ON DVDRW ATA device. Everytime I put a disc in it tells me there is no disc in drive D. My player is in drive D and device manager tells me that the drives are up to date and device is working properly. Any help is appreciated.

  LastChip 17:28 04 Aug 07

Go into Device Manager and delete your drive.

Now fully close down your computer.

Start up the computer again and it should find new hardware and reinstall the drivers for your drive.

See if that works.

It could of course, just be the drive has become faulty, or the laser needs cleaning. For the later, you can obtain a special disc that has a miniature brush on it. This spins in the drive and removes any dust on the laser. A can of compressed air will do much the same, but is more difficult to use accurately.

  ambra4 18:51 04 Aug 07

This might work to get your drives working download and run

click here

  Pugster 20:51 04 Aug 07

Will that work with windows 'Vista'?

  ambra4 21:30 04 Aug 07

Not sure you can try nothing to lose

  ambra4 03:01 05 Aug 07

Did it work as the solved box is tick or did you try some other thing fix

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