No difference in speed

  charlton200 07:17 24 May 08

I have just changed from tiscali 1 mg broadband to o2 wireless 8 mg.
I know i can only get about 3 or 4 mg in my area and on all the speed test i am getting over 3mg.

But it dosn't seem any faster than when i was on 1mg with tiscali. In fact a lot of time it seem slow.

  Gongoozler 07:21 24 May 08

It depends on what you are doing. In most cases your speed is limited by the site you are downloading from.

  charlton200 07:23 24 May 08

Just visiting my normal sites (not downloading)
Banking, news etc.

  crosstrainer 08:17 24 May 08

Speed is determined by several factors:

Distance from exchange

Old copper wire will never support 8MG

This is why all ISP's describe the maxium speed as "Up to"

  jack 08:21 24 May 08

your distance from your exchange[In cable run not as the bird flies]the contention ratio[number of people sharing the exchange equipment and their activity in addition to the performance at the ISP end of things
-Remember these offers are always 'upto' 8/20 mbs
I have recently changed from 2mbs to 'upto8.
My regular input is 5.3 to 5.6- double what I was getting but not 8 and the contention ratio is 20[where typically on most of the big named ISP's it can be as much as 50.]

  Technotiger 08:25 24 May 08

If you are getting over 3Mb on an 'up to 8Mb' broadband package, then you are doing pretty well, so I for one, don't understand what you are complaining about.

I am on a similar 'up to 8Mb' package but I know very well that my package is in fact a 2Mb package - I am lucky, and do consider myself so, if I get 1.8Mb regularly. This seemingly slow package does not cause me any problems what-so-ever, I am quite happy with the Actual speeds on my computer.

  Technotiger 08:26 24 May 08

PS - my Contention Ratio is 50:1 .....

  charlton200 10:04 24 May 08

I know i can get up to 4 mg in my area and my connection is showing 3mb which seems good, buy in reality my surfing experience in no faster than when I was on 1 mg.

  jack 12:06 24 May 08

Google around or the ISP site itself

  Snec 12:44 24 May 08

I get 7.2Mb most of the time but in use, for most things, there is no noticable difference from the old 2Mb days.

If I'd had to pay for the increase I would have thought it a complete waste of money.

  Gongoozler 14:29 24 May 08

Out of interest, how long does it take to refresh this page. I fins that it takes about 1 to 1.5 seconds, but its about 4 seconds before the hour glass goes to signify that the process is complete

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