No Dialling sound

  huzzar 12:28 06 Jun 03

I have just got a new PC running WinXP home. there is no dialling sound when I go on the Internet although the box is ticked. I have sound on everything else. any ideas please.

  Oriole 14:07 06 Jun 03

Try going to Control panel/phone and modem options/properties/modem/ speaker volume.

Hope this helps

  huzzar 15:14 06 Jun 03

Thanks Oriole - I went there and speaker was 'on'.

I'm still in dark on this one.

  penny 15:36 06 Jun 03

Have you tried Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager, Modem Properties and change setting in there. I have found that you have to change both places for some reason.

  huzzar 15:43 06 Jun 03

Thanks Penny - it was 'on' so it must be something else. I have only been using one of my speakers, I don't think this could have any effect on it but I will connect the other and see.

  hugh-265156 15:51 06 Jun 03

is this AOL? i think it disables the dialing sound

  penny 19:25 06 Jun 03

One last place to look, open Outlook Express, Tools, Accounts, Mail, Properties, Connection, Settings, Modem Configure, tick Modem Speaker.
I only know this because I had to find them all so that I could STOP the sound.

  Leejg 21:39 06 Jun 03

On Win Me
Go to Settings/Dial-up Networking right click your Int connection and chose properties. Click configure modem on general tab and see what your volume is set to.
It might not be exactly the same but it could help.

  huzzar 10:15 07 Jun 03

Penny, Thanks again - been there and it was ticked for speaker - guess I'm stuck with it.

Leejg, thanks but I'm using WinXP.

huggyg71, Thank you but No it isn't AOL.

If I ever find out why and get a dial-up sound I'll let you know on this thread.

  huzzar 17:20 14 Jun 03

Still haven't found out why I don't get any dialup sound through my speakers. I found the same thing on a friends XP PC so maybe it is the same for all Win XP Home edn computers.

Its not fixed but I will tick it.

  Andybear 18:38 14 Jun 03

I've got Win XP Home and when I had a dial up connection I had dial up sound. I don't know how though, it was there right from when I created the account.

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