no dial tone detected

  jon2 10:19 28 Oct 07

since moving house, same area, same phone No when I try to go online I get no dialing tone detected, any idea's anyone.

  johnnyrocker 10:21 28 Oct 07

what os ?, are you dial up or broadband? has your isp configured your new address?


  jon2 10:26 28 Oct 07

os is XP Broardband and I have only moved down the road

  crosstrainer 10:38 28 Oct 07

Does not use a dial tone...have you configured your modem / router correctly? Which are you using to access the internet? Are all modem / ethernet cables connected?

  DieSse 10:39 28 Oct 07

The important question is - has your broadband been transferred to your new address?

  jon2 10:43 28 Oct 07

I have the same phone No, the new address is only just down the road, and if I had a laptop I would be able to move about.

  johnnyrocker 11:07 28 Oct 07

no broadband has to be allocated to a specific address, this appears not to have been done by your isp ( if you told them of the move )


  johnnyrocker 11:15 28 Oct 07

makes not a scrap of difference.


  Sea Urchin 12:54 28 Oct 07

As johnnyrocker says the actual line into your new house has to be configured for broadband, whether the number stays the same or not.

  jon2 15:07 28 Oct 07

many thanks for all your help I shall look at all your sugestions.

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