no dial tone

  Plummers 15:19 10 May 03

just installed a neto dragon internal (Very cheap) modem from PC world, into a new computer.
the motherboard is an all in Lan, Vga, and audio thing and works fine, the modem is detected and installed and modem windows diagnostics report its working ok (win98SE) but it can't get a dial tone. I've changed the leads and checked the phone line and they are ok...any ideas???

  Confab 16:17 10 May 03

Have you tried plugging a phone into the same socket that you are plugging your modem into to ensure the phone socket is worknig?

  Plummers 16:47 10 May 03

yeah i've just tried that amber, but it didn't work. This ones really lost me
Thanks for the idea

  greenlamp 17:33 10 May 03

Have you plugged the phone into the phone socket in the back of the modem card and had a listen to see if the tone is available is still available or does it stop at the card.

  jazzypop 17:37 10 May 03

Change the dialup properties so that it does not wait for a dial tone before dialling?

Check that it is setup for UK use (not US, France, Germany etc) - it may be listening for a non-UK tone.

  Ellie3009 19:09 10 May 03

Change the modem cable and see if that is the cause of the problem?

  Stuartli 21:10 10 May 03

The response to amber is a bit confusing - did the phone work or not in this socket?

  emperor 22:02 10 May 03

Plummers, do you have the BT 1571 facility as part of your phone arrangement? If so, when you have a message waiting it alters the dialling tone.
I found this out when my dial-up connection couldn't get a dialling tone, even though everything else was working properly.

  Plummers 15:36 11 May 03

sorry about this late reply

its now working , i switched off the wait for dial tone as jazzy said and it rang out first time, thanks alot.

Not sure why this feature doesn't work though

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