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No dial tone.......

  lodger 18:20 03 Jan 04

I have set up my TI 56000 v34 external modem, Windows installed it fine, with the drivers too....the control panel panel shows no conflicts, so why should I not be able to get a dial tone from it ?...is this really a modem problem ?..I deleted the original internal Olivetti modem because it failed to connect to anything it dialled, after which it too failed to detect a dial tone.....my telephone connection is ok...so...should I consider a format ? or is there any easier way to fix whatever is wrong.....no wonder I'm going bald....

  Forum Editor 18:26 03 Jan 04

you have run the diagnostic check - Control panel/modems/more information?

If so - when the gobbledygook appeared, did it have a 'No dial tone' line in it, or is that appearing in an error message when you try to connect?

Not deteting a dial tone is indicative of a fundamental problem - usually a faulty phone socket, or a faulty modem, or (quite often) the wrong (or faulty) modem lead being used to connect to the phone socket.

Do you have another lead you could try?

  lodger 18:42 03 Jan 04

the system reports that my modem is working fine.....I hear it click when I try to connect.....then i get the dreaded ' no dial tone' message...can it be my old slow, 100 mhz pc?...another more modern pc works fine on the same phone socket...as does the telephone.....

  caterpilla 18:58 03 Jan 04

have you turned off the comptr disconected modem, switch comptrback on and then plug in modem?? it works on mine

  struggle8 19:55 03 Jan 04

silly ? but you have plugged the lead into the pc and phone socket

I agree with FE, chances are it's the wrong lead. They're not all the same, unfortunately

  woodchip 20:01 03 Jan 04

What Com port as it chosen, normaly for a External it drops on 2 or 4

  lodger 19:15 04 Jan 04

in the end it was indeed the lead as was suggested, when i changed the telephone socket/modem lead then everything worked, so, the 'no dial tone' message was correct all along, there was nothing wrong with the modem ..I must learn to believe the error messages.....apparently the lead I was using is defective in some way which is not readily visible,,,,perhaps it's too short, therefore it stretches too much, or a wonky plug....

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