No desplay on wake up.

  jay123 17:30 18 Jan 03
  jay123 17:30 18 Jan 03

After i leave my pc for a while it power saves. If i leave it for more than around an hour when i move the mouse i can here the pc spring back to life fans Hdd all moving, but i dont get any out put on to my monitor.
I have;
MSI Kt3 ultra ARU,
512mb Pc2100,
MSI Gf4ti4200 64DDR graphics
With a Hercules ProfetVeiw 720.

Can any one help me as to the cause of this and possible solutions.

Many thanks

  howard60 17:46 18 Jan 03

click on properties then screen saver and towards the bottom click on power saving options and I normally set the monitor to turn off after 2 hours and hdd never and never hibernate.

  jay123 18:22 18 Jan 03

Ok it was set on monitor 20mins and the other things never. I've now set it to two hours.

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