no context menu when right clicking a file etc.

  mac75 20:12 04 Jan 07

i downloaded a dll file and tried to copy and paste it on to a pen drive, but when i right clicked the file there was no menu. i tried other files and folders, but no go.
anyone got any ideas as to what's wrong.

i'm using win me.


  Technotiger 20:17 04 Jan 07

Hi, once downloaded, I would have thought that if you want to put it onto the pen drive, you should have used drag&drop rather than copy/paste. But I don't really know if this is your problem, only guessing.

  mac75 20:21 04 Jan 07

hi technotiger,

i can't drag and drop either, when i right click all i get is the location of the file or folder.


  Technotiger 20:24 04 Jan 07

Drag&drop is Left-click?

  mac75 20:31 04 Jan 07

hi technotiger,

i've always used the right button to drag and drop cos you get the menu to copy here or move here. but i'll give it a try with the left button and i'll get back to you to let you know how i get on.

thanks for responding in the meantime.


  mac75 20:38 04 Jan 07

hi technotiger,

that was a no go, for some reason i can't open two windows at the same time,and i can't explore my computer as a web page.
so i guess i'm stuck for the moment.


  Technotiger 20:40 04 Jan 07

Hmmm, I would suggest then that you try a Registry clean-up, plenty of tools here ...

click here

  mac75 20:43 04 Jan 07

i have already run reg mechanic, it found a couple of errors and repaired them, but still no go.


  mac75 20:45 04 Jan 07

i think i'll run sfc and see if it finds anything.

will be back in a short while.


  skidzy 20:46 04 Jan 07

Check this if enabled:

1. Right-click Taskbar
2. Select Properties
3. Click Start Menu tab
4. Click the Customize button
5. Click the "Advanced" tab
6. Place a checkmark next to "Enable Dragging and Dropping"
7. Click OK, then Apply

This should enable you to drag and drop.

  skidzy 20:48 04 Jan 07

Sorry just noticed your OS

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