No CDs found in Windows Explorer

  pj123 15:19 05 Apr 04

System running win98se. 256 sdram. Two hard drives, 1 master, 1 slave on primary IDE, CD rewriter as secondary master and CD Rom as secondary slave. No problems, running perfect. Just took out the CD Rewriter and replaced with a DVD Rewriter as secondary master. BIOS has detected the change and boots to Windows OK. But Windows Explorer now shows "no CD drives" installed. All I have now is A, C and D, no E and F which I used to have. If I take the DVD Rewriter out and put the CD Rewriter back the BIOS again detects the change and all is well. Any ideas please?

  Djohn 15:34 05 Apr 04

Have you checked the jumper on the rear of the new drive? They usually come now set to "Cable select" and will not work unless your BIOS has been altered to allow this.

Look at the rear of the new drive and if "Cable select" move the jumper to "Master"

  pj123 15:36 05 Apr 04

First thing I did John. The jumper is set to Master and the BIOS sees it as the master on the secondary IDE.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:38 05 Apr 04

Have you got the DVD writer on the topmost IDE connector on the cable? some systems use this as master no matter what the jumpers are set to if you have try putting it on the second connection or alter the DVD/R to master abd CR/R to slave.


  Quiller. 15:46 05 Apr 04

You may have one of the dvd writers that does not like optical drives on the same channel. Disconnect the cdrom and boot to windows. Is the dvdrw showing now?

If it is put the cdrom as primary slave and the slave hard drive as secondary slave.

  pj123 15:57 05 Apr 04

You are brilliant Guys. Just took the CD rom off the system so only got the DVD Rewriter on the Secondary IDE and there it is!. Probably don't need the CD Rom drive anyway so will leave it as it is. Thanks a lot. Ticked as resolved.

  Quiller. 16:06 05 Apr 04

I have installed a few dvd writers, from ebuyer, that don't like an optical drive on the same channel. So I had an uncling it might be that.

And the name of the drives


I kid you not. :-)

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