No CD required in Drive File?

  caradoc 14:32 11 Nov 04

Has anyone heard of a program file entitled "No CD in drive required" or similar. I have been told it can it be used to prevent having to load a CD into the drive to get a program to work. I am thinking in particular of the Microsoft Flight Simulator Programs.
Anyone heard of it and if so, do you know where I can obtain a copy?

  Graham ® 14:58 11 Nov 04

It's not a file in itself, I don't think.

Programs such as Flight Sim should give the option to instal the program in a way which will not require the CD.

You may be referring to 'virtual CD' programs, which will save the CD to the hard drive. Unfortunately, most such programs contravene copyright laws, and should not be publicized on this forum.

  Graham ® 15:13 11 Nov 04

Having said that, I've found this, dunno if you can get similar where you are

click here

  Audeal 16:23 11 Nov 04

I tried the following a few weeks ago using Autoroute. I opened a folder on my Desktop and copied all the files on the CD to it. From the folder, I installed the program in the normal way and when the program was run it used the data from the folder. To be sure it was reading from the folder I removed the CD from the drive.

I have only done this on one occasion to find out if it would work with Autoroute. It did.

Virtual Drives are not needed if you can do this.

  Eastender 16:44 11 Nov 04

On the cover disc of the December issue of 'Personal Computer World' magazine (wash my mouth out) is a freebie version of 'Paragon CD-Rom Emulator 3'which should do the trick.

  dogtrack 11:54 12 Nov 04

There is a specific "no cd" file for FS9. A search on AVSIM will turn it up.

  caradoc 17:47 12 Nov 04

Thanks all for your contributions. I think I may have found the answer from "dogtrack". Many thanks.

  dogtrack 07:42 13 Nov 04

If you cant find it at AVSIM, like I just couldn't. It is available at SURCLARO, the full file name is as follows:-
Have fun.

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