No buttons appear on the taskbar

  AIBO 00:46 27 Dec 03

When ever I open any programs, no matter how many, the buttons for the open programs do not appear on the task bar at the bottom. I have tried all the obvious things and then some more.

This happens in one user account only the rest are fine. The user in question has Admin rights.

I am running Win Xp Pro Service pack 1 and have kept the OS updated from Win Updates.

Please Help !!

  johnnyrocker 00:50 27 Dec 03

so basically there is something not configured in the admin account that is in all the others, i would think a process of elimination is required


  AIBO 08:40 27 Dec 03

Thanks for the reply.

Yes the elimination has been done very early on.

One day the buttons were there as normal and the next time they were gone and never to be seen again.

  billyliv 12:33 27 Dec 03

Hi, When you right click on your taskbar are you getting the properties dialogue box? Cheers, Bill

  Stuartli 14:22 27 Dec 03

Have you used View and Toolbars?

Also Customise, but you have to unlock the Toolbars first and afterwards lock them. It works in reverse and is not obvious until pointed out.

  AIBO 11:05 28 Dec 03


Yes I do.

I have also tried to group and ungroup the buttons option to no avail.



Tried that also.


Just for information to any on who is kind enough to assist me with this issue:-

I am very experienced IT user/administrator and I have used all the knowledge that I have to try and solve my issue. What I'm looking for is something that I may have not been tried or may have missed.

I have tried absolutly every thing that you can think of apart from reinstalling windows. I don't think I am willing to go through that at this time.

I look forward to the next suggestion.


  Big Elf 13:31 28 Dec 03

I'm guessing a registry entry may have been corrupted. I've been rooting through the registry and have found this value "ShowWindowsInTaskbar" which has a DWORD value of 1 on my system (XP Home).

Also would a System Restore help? You could reverse it if it didn't

  Stuartli 16:28 28 Dec 03

Sorry, I've misread your query as relating to the tool bar buttons.

Have you tried right clicking on the Taskbar and enabling Cascade?

If this doesn't work, try right clicking on an empty area of the Taskbar and selecting Properties as you may have enabled Hide inactive icons.

The only other thought is that the Taskbar has doubled up at one time because of the number of programs open and has been dragged off the monitor screen area...

  Stuartli 16:29 28 Dec 03

One more thought - have you checked the configuration of the users that are OK with the problem user settings to see if there are variations?

  AIBO 00:10 09 Jan 04

To all that tried to help, THANK YOU !!!!!!!! My issue is now resolved. I did a search for the issue on google and got lots suggestions for fixes. All the best fixes for Xp problems are listed at this site: -

click here

Once you have found your problem in the A to Z, the subject points you to a link where you can find a Registry fix or something else etc....

I have found this site to be professional and very safe. Good for IT professionals.


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