No browser connection - but there is- so whats up here

  SparkyJack 27 May 12

A brand new tablet- it came yesterday[I succumbed having said I would not go for this frippery] Sorting out what it colud an amzing lot in cluding Sat nave - imagine a 10 inch sat nav. When suddenly it announced a WiFi connection - could not access the browser So i did some tests - sure enough Googl would not come up Maps would not load etc. Zenithink ZT-280 C91 So I sent two test Emails to my self then started the desktyop and there they were So mail works but general borwsing does not.

Is it broke?

The Tablet? it is a Zenithink ZT-280 C91from Amazon

  SparkyJack 27 May 12

Sorted but still a puzzlement.

The 'No browser connection' came up but I never the less composed and sent 2 E-mail from from my Yahoo account to the Gmail account and vice versa. Both were sent, from the tablet and each received on the iTouch and Desk top. But browser remained unobtainable But browser remained unobtainable

Trawling through set up controls revealed a Wi Fi [ To router]switch had switched off and switching it on all came back to life

But if there was no Wi Fi connection during this time- how did the Emails get sent?

  lotvic 27 May 12

magic? or the power of positive thinking?

  SparkyJack 27 May 12

I allways thought I was something special about me :-)

In the setting up of this thing there is a selector that allows GPS data to be accessed through the mobile net work, I wonder if the mails got out that way? Though I dont have a mobile account.all very mysterious

  lotvic 27 May 12

You're way ahead of me, I've just got a Galaxy Tab. Can't make head nor tail of it yet. Work in progress - learning about Android before I dare to even think about connecting it to net - got it on Flight mode at moment ;-)

  SparkyJack 27 May 12

The manual is a joke - as usual - a tiny 8 pager with images and type so small I cant read it with a magnifyer I got it paired with case cum USB keyboard and 30Gb card storge- that is the size of phone sim -I just keep on beeing amazed how this gear keeps getting smaller and smaller. Just downloaded a free office suite so going to play around with th!at for while indoors out of the sun


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