no broadband connection voyager105

  lesser1010 17:34 10 Feb 07

my daughter is having problems with broadband.she has aol and a bt voyager 105 was working fine and the next day nothing.i have tried uninstalling the modem and reinstalling but when i try to open doctor exe off the disk nothing happens.i've downloaded the drivers from aol on my pc and tried to install them ,no go.i've been into device manager and there is a yellow ? by the ports section.any help appreciated.

  brundle 18:19 10 Feb 07

Is it connected via USB or ethernet?

  lesser1010 18:25 10 Feb 07

it's connected by usb and the yellow? are in device manager/other devices/pci memory/usb-adsl modem.

  brundle 18:26 10 Feb 07

Remove item from device manager, unplug modem, uninstall drivers, reboot, install drivers, plug in modem.

  lesser1010 18:30 10 Feb 07

thanks i'll try very much appreciated,i've spent hours on it today,of course i dont have anything that i need to do for myself today do i? daughters.

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