No boot after swapping Core 2 Duo 6400 with Core 2 Quad Q9300

  FTL 29 Jun 12


I have a HP Compaq dc7700p that i have taken the board out of. It comes with a 6400 Core 2 duo Socket 775 cpu.

Im donoring some bits between that and a HP cs7800p machine and i want to take the cpu (Q9300 Core 2 Quad) from this machine and put onto the board from the HP 7700 machine.

However when i put the Q9300 into the board from the 7700p it doesnt boot - it powers up for about 1 second then shuts off.

AS soon as i put the Core 2 Duo 6400 back into its own board it boots fine.

I have checked heat sink is tight, paste etc etc but no life from it.

They are both socket 775 cpu's so why cant i get any life from the Q9300 in the HP 7700 board?


  chub_tor 29 Jun 12

You don't say what the motherboard is but have you checked the CPUs supported by it? Perhaps it needs a BIOS update to handle quad core processors.

  KRONOS the First 29 Jun 12

I'm with chub_tor on this one.Post your motherboard make/model and we will be able to check whether your mobo can handle the CPU.

  FTL 29 Jun 12


not sure how to find make/model of board.

The HP Part Number is 404673-001 if that helps at all?

  KRONOS the First 29 Jun 12

It looks like the CPU you are trying to install is not supported. HP Specs. Scroll down.


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