no boot up

  gengus 11:15 02 Mar 07

all of a sudden my pc has stopped booting up, power is there and everthing lights up and drives open,fans spin but i'm not getting any beeps or display.have made sure all cards are in propely and mem properly in dimms,even had the heat sink off and checked cpu but still getting no beep.any help or advice would be recieved with thanx.nice one

  Thatslife 11:36 02 Mar 07

Had a similar problem a while ago. With my PC there is a 'bleep' just after I press the power on button.

This 'bleep' stopped and I have problems booting up my PC and when it did it crashed pretty soon after. My MOBO was faulty and needed replacing.

  Gongoozler 12:16 02 Mar 07

No beep at all. Unplug everything from the motherboard except the CPU with heatsink, power connector, power switch and case speaker. You should then get and error beep (usually a series of beeps). Still no beep, unscrew the motherboard from the case and rest it on an insulating surface such as a sheet of card. Still no beeps, then you have a faulty PSU, motherboard or CPU. The most common is motherboard or PSU. You can only tell by substitution, although you can buy a PSU tester such as click here

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