No beeps

  s99Raj 23:50 11 Aug 03

I've just built a new PC using the motherboard Novatech L7VTA bought from Noavtech.

It all seems to be working fine except that I hear no start up beep.
I also hear no beeps if I remove the RAM. Surely there ought to be beeps?
The connector to thhe internal speaker seems OK. I've tried it both ways round.

The BIOS is a FastTrak 100 "Lite" (tm) BIOS Version (c) 2002-2005

Should there be any beeps?

  Bodi 00:00 12 Aug 03

if your computer is working ok, I wouldn't worry too much about no beeps. It is usual to get ONE beep at post, which usually means your computer is working as it should.

Perhaps it is just a strong silent type? lol


  DieSse 00:05 12 Aug 03

I have come across a few motherboards that produce their beeps through the loudspeakers, not the case speaker - do you have the standard speakers plugged in and turned on?

It makes no difference which way round you connect a case speaker. Do you know for sure the case speaker works?

  crx1600 00:08 12 Aug 03

how about lowering the alarm for the CPU temp, just to see if the speaker squeals, i tried the other day to be sure it worked and you dont even have to save and exit.

  Giant68 08:11 12 Aug 03

I fitted this board in my PC a couple of weeks ago and noticed the same thing, however everything seems to work fine so I will ignore it. I've found over the years that if it ain't broke, don't fix.


  s99Raj 09:11 12 Aug 03

OK, thanks guys. I'll leave it as it is.
At least the standard speakers work.

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