No attachmments

  tlr 23:20 15 Jul 03

When I send emails with attachments, the emails go ok but there are no attachments sent, I know they are there because in Outlook I can check the sent items and they are there but the reciprients never get them.....Any ideas????

  powerless 23:28 15 Jul 03


Get them to check.

Tools > Options > Security > "Do not allow..."

  tlr 23:32 15 Jul 03

No, Outlook 2000, win98 and it does not matter what format the attachment is or its location on my computer

  jazzypop 23:33 15 Jul 03

It is possible that the recipients have not turned off the security settings in the latest version of Outlook Express (which blocks many types of attachments by default, due to the risk of viruses being contained within attachments).

As a quick and dirty check, ask them to choose one of the messages that you have sent them, and then to right-click it and choose Forward. The attachment should now be revealed.

If it is, ask them to open Outlook Express, choose Tools > Options > Security, and untick 'Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus'.

Obviously, they must be sure they have an up-to-date virus checker before making this change.

  VoG II 23:42 15 Jul 03

You haven't said what thet are trying to read the e-mails with. If it is Outlook click here

  tlr 23:56 15 Jul 03

Parents use OE as does my brother both are NTL mate uses AOL OE. Will ask them in the morning rgarding the check JAZZYPOP suggested as emails to myself also contain the attachments

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