No Association...

  nick_j007 15:56 24 Jul 04

have tried to send my mum a zipped file but she cannot open it as there is an error saying 'no association'.
I'm on XP Home, she's on '98.

Any thoughts please?



  QuickHare 16:07 24 Jul 04

Every file has an ending. In your case, it's ".zip". Windows uses these endings to work out what to do with the file. On Windows XP, Windows knows exactly what to do. On Windows 98, it needs some help.

This is in the form of a third-party program, such as WinZip (click here for more). Without these programs, Windows do not know what to do.

  nick_j007 16:13 24 Jul 04

Thanks QuickHare,

I'll look into that a little more and see how we get along.
I thought it was along these lines but not sure.

Thanks again,


  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:36 24 Jul 04

I would make sure your mum has the same program as you used to zip the file.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:40 24 Jul 04

File compression :-
Zipcentral click here
ZipGenius click here

Both these free programs will open zip files

  QuickHare 15:38 25 Jul 04

It doesn't matter if both people use exactly the same program as a ZIP file has a standard structure called a PKZIP file. All zip programs use this format, so as long as the program can compress and decompress ZIP files, it will be able to use any ZIP file no matter what options were used to create the file.

The only use having the exact same program would be if one of you gets in to difficulty in using it, the other person may know how to use it.

  nick_j007 16:23 25 Jul 04

Thank you again all.

I shall forward this thread.



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