No anti virus will load !!!!

  Petesilver 06 Apr 12

after a crash on my laptop my AV stopped working (Avast) and I have tried AVG and Microsoft security essentials must admit I am am lost so looking for some advice as none of them will load all come up with errors saying try rebooting but nothing works

  buteman 06 Apr 12

Go into safe mode and download HitmanPro and run that to see if it finds any problems.Or try with your Firewall switched off.

  Petesilver 06 Apr 12

the following error codes I am getting might help

On MSE.....Ox8004FF01

ON AVG.....OXC0070659

will try the safe mode option

  BRYNIT 07 Apr 12

Some possible solutions from the Microsoft support web page Click here

  lotvic 07 Apr 12

The other antivirus progs probably won't install because Avast has not been uninstalled. You could try fixing Avast as per the instructions on Avast Support (step by step instructions with screenshots)

  rdave13 07 Apr 12

I'd try a system restore to before the crash. If Avast still misbehaving then use their removal tool in safe mode. Either reinstall or use another.

  Petesilver 07 Apr 12

Tried all the options but no good so have done a complete system restore ( I use "EaseusToGo" a very good free backup program) but thanks for all the help and advice

  rdave13 07 Apr 12

Thanks for the feedback but the backup restore would have been my first choice if I knew you had one.


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