no action.xp boots ,no cursor control.

  technoidea 21:50 02 Jun 06

pleas help .my next problem is at start up .xp loads all the macafee,sign in administrator,i find cursor is inactive on keyboard and mouse.can i use f8.if yes how,thank you.

  DieSse 22:21 02 Jun 06

Check that in messing about you haven't accidentally swapped over the plugs for them.

  technoidea 00:23 03 Jun 06

yes is in this machine that i swopped discs,that disc runs on xp. this runs on 2000p,would that make a prob,,im really new to this..,would the other disc allways run on any pc.
or is the motherboard,akin to the disc.the reason other disc isnt in use .the computer got knocked over..and wont lightup at i took out drive.

  DieSse 00:28 03 Jun 06

A drive that has an OS set up to run on one motherboard will usually not run with another motherboard.

If it gets as far as you say though, that's not the problem at this point.

Is the keyboard/mouse on this system USB - and PS/2 on the other? Try swapping the keyboard and mouse from the other system.

  technoidea 00:39 03 Jun 06

ah yes i wil try that thanks..DieSse

  technoidea 01:09 03 Jun 06

DieSs.i plugged the spare drive in .rebooted rebooted as 2000.p not xp thats in new i checked and. saw that id put it in plugs for floppy drive..went to my comp and its been aloccated ,c/ will it work ok.anything i should do befor starting a
can i reconfg c/ to operate xp and ,e/ for 2000p

  technoidea 01:16 03 Jun 06

sorry desinated as .e/

  DieSse 10:17 03 Jun 06

I'm sorry but I can't understand what you're trying to tell me,

If you still need to, can you ask again but try and make things bit clearer.

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