No access to MSN, Hotmail, Messenger, etc...

  forbiddenthought 20:32 08 Sep 03

Currently running XP pro, with an NTL 600k connection, and with a fully updated version of NAV2004.

For the past two days i have been unable to access - getting the standard "page cannot be displayed" message. However, i also cannot access, or quite a number of msn-related pages.

I also cannot sign in to msn or windows messenger, despite being able to access virtually every other web page and download/upload information through other programmes perfectly well.

I presume that NAV rules out a virus so i am ensure what to do.

Looking for help on the internet all i can find is that american AOL customers had similar problems last tuesday, but that "issue" is resolved. Anyone heard anything or able to offer any help? thanks

  BarryKeith 22:00 08 Sep 03

MSN did have problems, apparently mostly cleared up in a couple of day but there were still some people having trouble connecting to them, could be you're one of the unlucky ones.

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