NIS2004 & OE problems...quick fix needed

  spanneress 21:45 20 Jul 04

Good heevening..

Customer on phone as new build i supplied having probs...appears it is Norton IS4 and OE...fine over weekend, couldn't send out yesterday, can't recieve today and this eve the former again. Evertime he goes on line NAV states definitions not up to date and updates each time....

Can't do a remote assistance thingummy as he can't send out...before I trawl through symantec site...any quick fix's folks are aware of? Shall I talk him through a total uninstall, reinstall AV only and ZA??? Easier in the long run but tedious to a non tecky customer 200 miles away!

Thanks in advance you glorious people


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:25 20 Jul 04

Is he running XP? Has he switched on the XP firewall? Norton and XP firewalls do not like each other.

  spanneress 22:31 20 Jul 04

That was one of the first things I checked...he said it was workign OK then the continual update started and it has upset his e mail his outlook error code which is a TCP/IP error which I am familiar with and that solution hasn't solved the problems...

Do you know...I am beginning to seriously dislike NIS2004....despite it making me money, the NAV part seems fine but the complete package seems problematic...

More tea I think.....

  GaT7 23:45 20 Jul 04

This any help? click here=. To get detailed the detailed solutions, click on the yellow boxes (in the middle of the page) preceding 'The error happens every time you send or receive email' (ZA is mentioned here) & 'The error only happens sometimes when you send or receive email' . Good luck, G

  spanneress 10:20 21 Jul 04

CHeers for that but it is a different error code...and the symptoms change which indicates that it is Norton playing up.....

Still scratching beard (theoretically of course as I don't have one...but if I was a bleurk it would be the longest beard ever...) What a superb witter that was.....


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