NIS2004 Live Update fails???

  bstock 20:10 02 Mar 04

Hi just today I am having alsorts of problems trying to use liveupdate.

Everytime I try, before anything at all comes down, up pops an error box quoting LU1803 Liveupdate failed whle geting your updates.

I have tried several things including re-installing liveupdate but to no avail, I have NIS2003 on a desktop and no problem.

Is there a problem with NIS2004.

Any advice please


  Gaz 25 20:13 02 Mar 04

Had this yesterday, but it seems to have resolved itself now.

Syamntec have a report on this error, see the resolutions at their website.

  bstock 20:57 02 Mar 04

Thanks Gaz 25

Automatic liveupdate works cause it downloaded some definitions after I deleted the files as instructed on the NAV site.

Tried to do another liveupdate from the NAV console but sadly got the same error box that time.

Does live update work for you from the console.

  mikef. 21:02 02 Mar 04

If you go to the web site you can download it directly from there, I recently had this problem with NAV2003 and did this, the next auto update downloaded fine.

  bstock 17:35 03 Mar 04

Thanks mikef but as far as I can tell the auto update is working OK, its when I try to do a mannual update from the program console that I get the same error.

This can't be right and is a little worrying as I do sometimes like to go by that route to make sure the auto update is working.

I wonder if this is a NAV2004 thing as I have no problems with my desktop mahine still running on NAV2003.

  bstock 20:32 03 Mar 04

click here to find the answer to my solution, in case its also your problem

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