NIS 2006/07 causing internet freeze/system crash?

  Jswalker 15:55 19 Feb 07

I have an Asus F3Jc running Media Centre 2005. It came (in December) with Norton Internet Security pre-installed, and after a couple of weeks I upgraded to NIS 2007. Since then I have had regular system crashes which happen as follows: my internet connection freezes, pages won't load and the connection can't be closed except by turning the laptop off. When it boots up again XP runs a disk check on C: and finds that various .tmp files, mostly but not always located within the Application Data/Symantec folder, are not valid in size. Sometimes it reclaims a small amount of file space, sometimes not. I've tried replacing NIS 2007 with 2006 (which runs fine on my desktop machine with XP Home SP1), but the same thing keeps happening. Can anyone offer a diagnosis/cure? I'd be much obliged.

  Jswalker 15:57 19 Feb 07

Should point out that the laptop came with NIS 2005.

  birdface 16:53 19 Feb 07

It may be better to delete Norton 2007.Then run the norton removal tool.Then run C Cleaner to get rid of any bits and pieces,Then reinstall 2007.

  birdface 17:44 19 Feb 07

ok,Delete any Norton you have on add remove,Then run this, click here Then run C Cleaner,Restart computer,Then reinstall Norton.Should have added that you will have to stop Norton A/v and Firewall running in Quick start,Or you may not be able to delete it.

  Jswalker 11:22 22 Feb 07

Thanks, I did that and haven't had the problem since.

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