NIS 2005 renewal?

  seventiesdolly 12:22 19 Oct 05

sigh> here's my problem....I bought NIS 2005 for my old computer and it worked fine for quite a while. Then it seemed that whenever this program loaded on start up it would crash my pc.
Anyhow, I now have a new pc which came with NIS 2005 already installed, but is due for renewal on 18th nov. This annoyed me intially as my other was good until june 06, but as I do not know if you can uninstall norton if it is already preinstalled on your pc, I have left it for now. I have just checked out how much it is to renew, (£28!!)which I begrudge paying, when I have the same thing here on disc that I paid £50 for, but don't know if it's that that knackered my old machine?
Do I renew?
Do I uninstall built in version and install my own copy?
Do I try something completely different?!
Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

  DieSse 14:10 19 Oct 05

Try something better - faster, less system overhead, better detection records, superior heuristics for unknown viruses, fast, hourly updates - NOD32 click here

Plus a free Firewall - I use Sygate Personal

And free Anti-Spyware - Adaware, Spybot and A²

Vastly superior to NIS at every level

  c4rmo 14:42 19 Oct 05

nod32 a 30 day trial ?? how do u get the commercial username ?

  Pooke 14:47 19 Oct 05

use freeware. AVG, zone alarm and the host of anti-spyware programs out there.

I got rid of norton after a few months and went back to the free ones.

Save your money for something better.


  sharkfin 14:52 19 Oct 05

If you have already payed for nortona nd still have a long license period, then I would keep using it. I would you email symantec and ask if its possible to use the same registration number on your new installation to transfer the license over, or ask if its okay to unistall and reinstall with the old registration number.

Seems a waste, to go for a free alternative when you've already forked out £50

  amonra 14:53 19 Oct 05

Get rid of Norton (if you can) and get the freebies.

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