NiMH rechargable batteries

  korkyB 18:35 12 Apr 03

Not exactly PC orientated but does anyone know if a NiMH battery is to be unused for a couple of months, would be better to store it charged or to run it flat first.

  watchful 18:34 12 Apr 03

I'm also waiting for Task 2 and hoping it's not too daunting.

  recap 19:04 12 Apr 03

It is recommended that any rechargable batteries be run down before a recharge, this is supposed to give more charging life to the battery. So if this is the case then run the battery down before storing.

  siouxah1 19:53 12 Apr 03


I would not say recap is wrong.

I use NiCads and NiMH AA batteries a lot. I always charge my batteries fully if they are for non use over a month or so. NiMH are reputed to be quite fast in self discharge. Therefore might get down to the critical voltage at which they are said to go into reverse polarity. I'm sure but someone will correct me if I am wrong. Try the two links below for the rundown on batteries.

click here

click here

Regards Brian j

  siouxah1 20:15 12 Apr 03

Whoooops! I'm sure you knew I was addressing korkyB.

Seems a bit of a fuddle on the titles and postings here on this thread.

  siouxah1 20:34 12 Apr 03


Another link with what seems to be the gospel on NiMH batteries. Goes into detail about storage.

Regards Brian j

  siouxah1 20:35 12 Apr 03

Here it is click here

  korkyB 20:42 12 Apr 03

I know I shouldn`t be answering my own question but I found this site while searching which advises discharging before storage.

click here

And I thought it was a simple question :-)

  hssutton 21:31 12 Apr 03

There is no point in dicharging or charging before storaging NiMH as this type of battery loses it's charge normally. What is important is that they should be fully charged before use. NiMH also require several charges / discharges to attain their rated output.

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