Nikon Digital 3100 camera (Part two !")

  3tg 09:04 15 Jul 03

I ticked my original posting as resolved but it's not, if you could take the time to read my fisrt thread and can help I would appreciate it, Cheers

  tamc98 09:48 15 Jul 03

I have an A40 and a friend has the coolpix 3100. So far I can't fault the A40 other than it's only 2MP (A70 is 3MP) and with four batteries can be a bit heavy for a pocket camera.

You are right about battery issues on the coolpix. We went hiking in the peak district the other week and my friend took a pack of duracell's as back-up. When they were put in the camera wouldn't even switch on so I gave him two of my rechargables and I used the duracell's in my canon.

The canon can also be fitted with add-on lenses but the coolpix comes with a charger and Adobe Photoshop Elements. You'll need to buy a seperate charger for the Canon (£15 charger + 4 1700ah batteries from Maplin).

If it were my money I'd go for the Canon with batteries and charger from Maplin and two 128mb CF cards from (about £50).
HTH, Tony

  anchor 13:09 15 Jul 03


It would help if you give the link to your original posting.

  anchor 13:42 15 Jul 03

Found it now.

GroupFC has bought a Canon A70, following a long thread.
click here

Why not send him a direct message; (click on the yellow envelope next to his name). I am sure he will be glad to advise you.

  3tg 20:01 15 Jul 03

I have made up my mind, it seems the Canon A70 has more going for it. I have visited all the sights and posting by GroupFc (Thank you anchor).
I will now shop around for the best price, my partner has charger for his camera and I already have a 6 in 1 card reader all I need is the camera, a case and a 128 card. Thanks to you all

  tamc98 20:55 15 Jul 03

Don't forget that Jessops will price match and if you order your 128mb card before midday from you'll get it the next morning. The 128mb card I got from them is also faster than the more expensive 128mb Sandisk card I got when I bought the Camera.

  3tg 23:42 24 Jul 03

I have been shopping around to look at the Canon A70 and no-one seems to have it in stock, I know I can buy it online or even at Jessops who as you advised would match online prices. I cant help wondering why is it in short supply or are Canon "creating their owm demand ". I am so disappointed that I may settle for the Nikon/ I have appreciated all your advice, can I ask if anyone has bought this camera recently ?. Cheers

  GroupFC 08:43 25 Jul 03

I missed your original thread as I was on holiday and can't find it but I see "anchor" has pointed you to my very long thread when I was looking for a camera!

I am very happy with the Canon, but as the 3100 wasn't on my original short-list I don't really know how the two compare. I bought my camera some weeks ago (from Jessops who price-matched click here). I did have some trouble finding it available for immediate delivery online.

Cameras2u site currently shows this camera as "Usually available within 5 days" (whatever that means!), but you could try giving them a ring on 0116 231 4777. When I was looking for my camera I found them very helpful.

I imagine that this camera is in short supply because it has had some very good reviews (for example click here), and everybody wants one!!

Good Luck!!

  3tg 14:02 25 Jul 03

Thank you, I had already visited your thread, in fact it helped me to make my decision. My original thread wasclick here which I had ticked as resolved, as you see it isn't !.
I think I will wait until I can get the Canon, while the Nikon seems easier for a novice like myself, the Canon seems to have more going for it. Thank to all. Cheers

  GroupFC 14:22 25 Jul 03

I am by no means an expert!!

The Canon is very user friendly and has a number of settings you can experiment with as your confidence grows. Another advantage of the Canon is that it comes with a printed user manual of 200-plus pages!!, which is very useful. This is pocket size (so long as you have big pockets!), and can easily be slipped in a camerabag. I take mine with me whenever I take the camera.

Do let us know when and where you get the camera, and how you get on with it (but if you find it for less than £235, please don't tell me - one piece of advice I have seen on these pages on cameras and all things computer-related is once you have made your purchase stop checking the prices - you will only be disappointed!!).


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