nike psa not recognised when plugged in usb...

  Ramification 11:11 15 Nov 03

hi, i just bought a nike/philips mp3 player and the installation cd was bent/warped and wouldnt install properly, i took it back , got a new one, and the cd is the same. i installed it anyway and it seemed fine. i charged the battery,and plugged the player into the usb port. but it either doesnt show up at all on the pc, or it says cannot format drive. is the mp3 player duff? this is the first mp3 player ive used. any ideas?

  BarryKeith 13:11 15 Nov 03

If the CD is faulty, as this is the second one tha is causing problems I would return the whole unit, obtain a refund, and go elsewhere to get one that works properly. You should not have to do anything other than install the software for it to work, so there is clearly something wrong.

  Ramification 08:31 17 Nov 03

cheers. so called 'goods' returned, will shop elsewhere...

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