Nexus 7 email problem

  muddypaws 11 May 13

Has anyone with the N7 had this problem: Recently it has decided not to connect to my Tiscali and Talktalk server unless I reboot. Then after a while the connection fails again. All settings are correct and no problems with the internet. Good strong WiFi. I don't normally switch it off so it is a bit of a nuisance. Have posted on the Android N7 forum, but no takers so far. TT is fine on the desk top so not a server problem. Thanks.


  muddypaws 12 May 13

Well I found a not too recent web posting on the web where the poster was having same problem with a Samsung. Apparently the outgoing port should be 25. Mine has always been set to 587 as per TT info. That has cured the problem, but for some reason when I go to settings it has reverted to 587 so has to be reset. No way to save the setting. Will go back to the Android forum and check.

  Batch 12 May 13

I've always found (using the stock email app with all email accounts set up as IMAP) that when I first go to the inbox (or any other folder for that matter), if the folder was previously empty (when I left it last time) and is still empty, "Checking for messages" (with the rotating roundel) stays stuck on the screen. If I flip to another folder and then back to the original one it clears correctly.

I reported this to Google months ago, but it seems they are not interested.

  muddypaws 12 May 13

Interesting. Strangely after removing the account and re-creating it about 20 thimes using port 25 it set up and d/loaded mesages. Haven't checked for the last 2 hours, so may have crashed again. 587 is the out for and 25 for Tiscali.

  muddypaws 28 May 13

Been running Ok since last post.



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