paul654 21:24 05 Dec 03

I've been using Newsgroups for a while and I've just noticed that when you download a newsgroup for the first time it takes a while to download but when you go back to the same file later it downloads instantaneously, why is this ? I suspect it may be because when you open a newsgroup it plants a file in some sort of temp folder on your this correct ? if so, which folder ? I have been to thousands of newsgroups and would hate to think that there were thousands of small files stored on my hard-drive taking up valuble space..please explain.

  MichelleC 22:45 05 Dec 03

These are cookies in varying forms, planted by the sites usually in Temp Int Folder) to remember passwords, or to keep track of how many times you've logged on etc. Some are more intrusive than others and would be trojans and spyware. (I visited a site last week and it managed to give me 2 viruses even without me clicking any hyperlinks.) You can get rid of them by deleting T I F and running adaware or spybot etc.

When you 1st visit a site cookies are implanted on pc which liaises with site and your cache accepts site info which subsequently loads faster. If you can't understand I'm sure someone else can explain it better.

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