news tonight virus slows down net

  frankie 22:46 25 Jan 03

if you have had net slowdown bbc news tonight says its a virus.i,ve been slow for 6 days now...

  VoG™ 22:48 25 Jan 03

The Forum Editor beat you to it click here

  BRYNIT 22:49 25 Jan 03

Intermittent must be flew

  crx16 23:29 25 Jan 03

the FE was beaten to it,1pm today click here

  Forum Editor 23:47 25 Jan 03

the problem I referred to hasn't been affecting the Internet over the past few days - it started early this morning - and it isn't a virus. The problem is what I said it was, the exploitation of a Microsoft SQL server loophole. The media may refer to it as a virus but it isn't one.

  Cordy13 23:53 25 Jan 03

It's just a worm.

  VoG™ 23:53 25 Jan 03

Now very confused ..... as ever....

  Pilch.... 23:59 25 Jan 03

Worm is something that is stored in the computers memory, unlike virus which goes onto hard drive, thus worms are undecteded by Anti virus programs.

Any how this worm would keep sending packets of data. for example, user request 1 packet, worms makes server send out 100's thus slows it down.

  Peter E 00:03 26 Jan 03

Me too!

  VoG™ 00:05 26 Jan 03

Thanks Pilch....

That's a nice explanation and I have to admit that I had not appreciated the distinction.

My confusion, however, was more to do with the FE's post. I'm lost. Only trying to help.

  powerless 00:11 26 Jan 03

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