News items - Add a New Comment - HOW TO?

  Covergirl 06 Jul 11

Does anybody have an idea how to post a comment on a news article? Mine always has a text box with a "Please Wait . . . " in it.

To see what I mean, go to PCA home page, click any news article and underneath the article there's a comments section.

I see a few comments have been added to various articles but I am unable to do so.

There is a "Login" button (link) which opens a Login or Register box with various options - so do we have to log in to post a comment now? It always used to be there and anonymous (if that was what you wanted) but now we have to use our Facebook or Google id - is this right?

  Covergirl 06 Jul 11

OK, I logged into this Disqus thing via my gmail account and guess what? No apparent difference. I've still got the Please Wait . . . in the comments box. And it now says Logout (of Disqus) so I'm logged in.

I'll get me coat . . .

  lotvic 06 Jul 11

When I tried, (already logged in to pca forum) and clicked on 'Post As...' I got a pop up box 'Who are you?' with my details already filled in - my email address and name it showed my real name and not my forum user name.

Perhaps these are editable but I didn't post a comment just in case (I chickened out)

I tried several articles but couldn't find any with any comments already on?

  gengiscant 06 Jul 11

I have just tried it,no problems, Testing

  lotvic 06 Jul 11

gengiscant, can't see a comment from you on that page you link to. Just one comment from another forum member that's not you.

Covergirl, I just clicked inside the comment box. I didn't click on the 'Disqus' button

I still don't know if you have to be logged in or if you can comment anonymously (not logged in)

  gengiscant 06 Jul 11

It was there???????

  lotvic 06 Jul 11

gengiscant, your comment doesn't show for me. Just one comment from Jwarn on that page.

  Covergirl 06 Jul 11

Well, the comments box becomes active now I'm at home on IE9 - it must be incompatible with IE7, my favourite lunchtime browser.

  Covergirl 06 Jul 11

Yes, I can only see a comment from JWARN too


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