Newly installed Realplayer - stuck on one channel.

  SKODANUT 15:21 12 Mar 09

Apparently installed correctly per BBC website, but the sound is indescribable - like someone chanting in an empty swimming baths, and is stuck on one channel whichever I select (Radio). Help please (a simple solution for a simple feller !?)

  provider 2 15:40 12 Mar 09

I think there may be several possible answers to this question that you will need to check out, most of the listed here or on the linked pages

click here

It seems odd that the BBC has gone with RealPlayer which is reputed to be not the best system around, but there you go.

  brundle 15:47 12 Mar 09

Dump Realplayer and get RealPlayer Alternative. click here

It was chosen because it actually produced listenable audio at dial-up modem transmission speeds. They're probably still saving bandwidth by using it now. The official Realplayer application is a pain though. Realplayer Alternative will just play the content without trying to take over every aspect of the media on your PC.

  provider 2 15:49 12 Mar 09

You may also need the latest version of Flash Player ... 10, I think it is if you are using Media Player which is also required for the TV Channel sound.

  provider 2 15:51 12 Mar 09
  provider 2 16:03 12 Mar 09

If it`s any help, I have RealPlayer version 10.5 which seems to work well enough, though as brundle says the later versions can be a pain, or perhaps more of a pain than this one:

click here

The trick is to ignore any demands for an update by clicking no, no thanks or cancel ... whatever.

  provider 2 16:20 12 Mar 09

Forgot to mention that the latest version of Java can make a difference too:

click here

(Exactly how, I`m not quite sure, but it certainly made things work better in my neighbours XP Media Centre Edition this morning.)

  SKODANUT 16:23 12 Mar 09

Many thanks gentlemen.have printed all your links and will have a bash. Just a thought PROVIDER 2's first link is the BBC one that got me on the trail of RealPlayer in the first place!!

  provider 2 16:30 12 Mar 09

Yes, I thought I`d better direct you straight to the horse`s mouth, so to speak.

Trouble is the information there may be a bit out of date ... they speak about updating to Media Player 9 at one point, for example.

Good luck, anyhow ...

  john bunyan 17:08 12 Mar 09

I agree with brundle. Dump RealPlayer and getr Real Alternative.

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