Newly built computer

  JClthd 13:33 23 Dec 04

When I stich on it doesn't recognise the drives,any clues any1 - please help me.

  Gongoozler 13:36 23 Dec 04

Does the computer boot up and POST correctly. Have you checked in the BIOS for the drives? Have you checked all the connections and Master/Slave links?

  Gongoozler 14:45 23 Dec 04

No it doesnt boot up it asks for the boot disk in 'A' drive. Its a pentium 4 for use with an xp home edition with a ddr dimm memory module.

Hi JClthd. It's better if you reply via the "Add a response" box at the bottom of this page, in that way other forum members can join in the discussion.

The fact that it boots as far as asking for a boot disk tells us that the computer basically is working. You haven't told us whether your drives are recognised in BIOS. I suspect that all that is wrong is the BIOS boot sequence. Have you looked into the BIOS yet?

  Blitzer 16:05 23 Dec 04

If the drive are being detected by the system (i.e.) BIOS it may also indicate that the drives are also new in your new build and need partitioning and formatting? Then naturally installation of an operating system.

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