new years resolution :)

  dlguk 22:22 17 Apr 09

I recently bought a new 22” monitor, I have downloaded the updated drivers for my adapter and when I set it to its best performance,obviously icons and text are small.
Is there a one step way to get my display as clear as 1024x768 or similar, but with the resolution of 1680x1050? I have tried doing it manually but it looks naffs.
Thank you

  Technotiger 22:44 17 Apr 09

Right-click on Desktop, then select Properties>Settings>Advanced>Adapter Tab, then click on List all modes, you should then be able to make your choice.

  dlguk 23:26 17 Apr 09

I really do kow how to do that, what i am looking for is a way to get everything back to 'easy to read' in one go, I could mess with it but I'D rather have a one stop solution :)

  Technotiger 23:50 17 Apr 09

OK - but I do not know of any such one-click solution I am afraid.

Perhaps your Graphics card is not up to it.

I too have a 22" LCD TV/Monitor running at 1680x1050 which is grrreat!

  Stuartli 00:12 18 Apr 09

If you have a TFT monitor, which is most likely, than the native resolution will prove the most suitable.

You could always try Microsoft's ClearType to improve clarity.

List All Modes is, in fact, a one-click solution i.e. you can keep changing the colour/resolution/refresh rate as you wish until you find the combination that suits.

However, the normal refresh rate for a flat screen monitor is usually 6o0MHz.

  dlguk 10:47 18 Apr 09

Thank you all and a special thanks to X7-250. That was the kind of easy route I was looking for, I changed the DPI to 120 but when I rebooted the screen resolution reverted to 1024x768. I guess my 6 year old card isn’t up to it :(. I still thought I like every thing a bit larger (getting old-the eyes are failing :S) so I used ‘Custom’ and set it to 144, that’s what I am using at the moment and it looks just right.
Thanx again
Ps the refresh rate is set at 60 Hertz

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