new wireless modem router query

  pookie 19:56 14 Aug 12

Dear all,

A friend is after a new wireless modem router for a BT phoneline. Ideally he wants 300Mbps wireless speed and range as wireless devices are used on two different floors and also in garden and a 1Gb ethernet port speed as has 500Mbps homeplugs. He is after something that you can get in Maplins or Argos for less than £100.

Any recommendations?

Thank you

  Taff™ 23:13 14 Aug 12

If they are with BT as their ISP the BT Homehub meets all those requirements as far as I know. If they aren't who is the ISP?

  rdave13 00:36 15 Aug 12

Have a look here. Bought mine six months ago and no problems what so ever. Easier to set up manually rather than the CD I think. Reading the Amazon reviews I raised the router a few millimeters on two sticks of wood so there's airflow beneath the router just in case it heats up too much. Wireless is very good in the garden and 1st floor. Don't know how it would be on the second floor though. Read the good and bad reviews. Good luck.

  pookie 11:47 15 Aug 12

Thank you. He was on Tiscali and got a free wireless modem 54Mbps router then (years ago) and is now with Talktalk. He didn't get a new modem router when he switched to them but has since bought a 150N wireless modem router himself.

rdave 13 - blooming cheap that! Looks a real bargain but it only has 10/100 ethernet and he is after 10/100/1000

  Taff™ 14:30 15 Aug 12

I would check if Talk Talk will supply him with a free router that meets the specification.

rdave13's link also showed slightly more expensive routers under "what others bought after viewing this item" at about £45 that did have gigabit ethernet. Have another look!

  bjh 14:58 15 Aug 12

Then, to update on Rdave's suggestion, try this router. 10/100/1000, and excellent range. I use these at one location, and they are great. Also, if you want longer range still, they are easy to use with WDS devices from the same range (the 830, if memory serves).

  bjh 15:24 15 Aug 12

Oh, where's the edit when you need it... just realised, not ADSL for the 1043.. apologies!

  pookie 20:35 16 Aug 12

thank you all. I didn't realise you could get things like this as cheap!

  rdave13 23:21 16 Aug 12

Same router at Novatech (gig ethernet), with £3 delivery for £43, link. To be honest I only bought the other router as a standby for my D-Link. That was months ago but it's come about that the D-Link is now the standby one. These are cheap enough for a standby, as routers do break.

  pookie 15:56 19 Aug 12

Thank you. Silly question - is that wireless router in the last link a wireless modem router or are they different things? He currently has a N150 wireless modem router

  rdave13 16:19 19 Aug 12

It's a router , so you will need a modem.

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