New To Wireless

  dumb_haddik 12:37 28 Jan 07

Okay, so i haven't got much of a clue about Wireless networking, and i want to network two computers in opposite rooms, neither of which needs an internet connection.

I have read up on wireless networking, and all of the wireless things seem to be things like ADSL routers, which i gather is for broaband.

The purpose of this network is to enable files to be accessed from both computrers, and possibly gaming across the network.

I would also like to know exactly what i need to set this up. I believe i need (G) equiptment, as that is faster than (B) and other equiptment.

I believe that i need a router and some wireless usb things, but does the router connect to the main PC via a cable, or a wireless thing (i don't knoiw the correct name)as, all the packages i have seen come with the router and only one usb thing.

Thanks very much in advance.

  dumb_haddik 12:51 28 Jan 07

sorry, i forgot to mention that i have a budget of around £60, and can you please advise a good choice, as my experience is minute. Thanks

PS. i saw a 'gaming router' click here on this site, it is twice the speed of the other wireless (g) products, will it be compatible, and does it only work for games, or is it just a fast version of a router.

  Strawballs 16:37 28 Jan 07

This might help click here

  dumb_haddik 18:07 29 Jan 07

Thanks strawballs, but in the article, the author speaks of specific cards. Will it work with two ordinary cards? thanks again

  Strawballs 10:55 30 Jan 07

Yes it will work with 2 ordinary wireless cards

as for the router don't know about gaming routers as not into gaming.

  mgmcc 12:00 30 Jan 07

If there is no internet involvement, you don't need (or want) a router. Install a "Wireless Network Adapter" in each PC and create an "Ad Hoc" wireless network. This is one in which the two network adapters communicate directly, rather than via a Wireless Access Point (as in an "Infrastructure" network).

Because there is no router, and thus no DHCP server to allocate IP addresses, you will need to allocate fixed IP addresses to each of the Wireless Adapters. This is done by going into the Network Connections folder, right clicking the "Wireless Network Connection", and selecting Properties. Highlight the entry for "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click the Properties button. In the TCP/IP Properties sheet that opens, click "Use the following IP address" and enter:

1st PC - IP address

2nd PC - IP address

Both PCs - Subnet Mask

As the internet isn't involved, the Default Gateway and DNS Server addresses can be left blank.

  dumb_haddik 20:31 11 Feb 07

thanks, but i'm not exactly sure what i need to buy. Is it a card for both pcs? or can i get one of those usb things (non-technical language again, sorry) can you also reccomend a sutable one please?


  Strawballs 22:03 11 Feb 07
  mgmcc 09:14 12 Feb 07

<<< i'm not exactly sure what i need to buy >>>

If neither computer is already "wireless enabled", then you need to install a Wireless Network Adapter in each. This can be an internal PCI card, slotted into a spare slot on the motherboard, or a USB wireless adapter. A laptop can use a PCMCIA wireless card.

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