New Windows XP MCE Installation - Ideal Way?

  Sic 12:25 26 Sep 06

Afternoon guys, I am going to install XP MCE on my machine (new OEM copy) as i have upgraded some hardware and fancied something new.

My machine has two hard drives (160 Gb and 80 Gb) with the current operating system and nearly all my programs installed onto the 160 and almost nothing on the 80.

What is the 'Ideal' way to set up my 'new' machine for convenience and security?

  Sic 16:06 26 Sep 06

I assume i cant upgrade from XP pro to MCE as its only available as an OEM product?

  Sic 11:39 27 Sep 06

Don't all rush at once! ;o)

  Mike@#36 12:10 27 Sep 06

I may be wrong buts isn't MCE the same as XP pro with a few additional bits of functionality around pictures and video etc.

Setting up should be the same as any XP installation, you just decide where to save your files.

  Sic 12:44 27 Sep 06

Mike, yes its essentially XP with knobs on. What i meant was as i have a chance to start from fresh, whats the perect set up physically? Create a small partition just for the OS? Install all my programs on a different physical drive from the OS so i dont have to reintsall in the future? etc etc

  Minkey1 16:08 27 Sep 06

My PC came set up with the one hard drive partioned 40Gb on C, and 160 on D, the idea being being that all docs, photos, music etc goes on the D. I've a shedload of apps on C and still plenty of space. It's tempting to think of installing all additional progs (third party, downloaded etc) on the D partition but many installer files don't give you the option.

As you're doing a fresh instal I'd be tempted to set it up 40Gb as C and 200Gb as D, especially as you might be using MCE to record off air video. Ideally change the standard paths so My Docs etc points to D.

  Sic 16:15 27 Sep 06

Can you direct My Documents to be on D during the installation phase?

  Sic 16:17 27 Sep 06

I should clarify, its two hard drives, not two partitions.

I thought i would split the 160 as two partitons of 60 and a 100 with the OS going on the 60 and all files and programs going on the 100 and just use the seperate 60 drive for backups?

  Minkey1 19:57 29 Sep 06

Sic, sorry, haven't been on the forum for a bit. I know 1 drive can be partioned and the standard XP shortcuts re-directed to (say) partion/"drive" D but physically separate drives is beyond me.
Hopefully by bringing this to the top of the list again someone more knowledgable can help.

  De Marcus™ 20:13 29 Sep 06

I don't think you can 'direct' My documents during the installation but you can certainly move it afterwards. click here

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