New (to web design) question on buttons

  Chris the Ancient 15:28 17 Jul 09

I am in the process of (trying) to develop a website from a free template and have, so far, got a reasonable index page.

I'm modifying it via MS Word.

The index page contains buttons for selecting other pages (which I will create later). And the 'User Guide' to the template seems to imply that within the code I can include some text that will display an alternative message in the status bar when hovering over a button - rather than just showing the page address. I can't seem to work out where this would go - it at all.

The code for the button looks like...

td width=246 valign=top style='width:184.5pt;padding:0cm 0cm 0cm 0cm;
p class=MsoNormal> span style='font-size:8.5pt;font-family:Tahoma;
color:#E5E5E5'> a href="file: ///D: \$Data \MFS%20Stuff \website \index.html"> img
border=0 width=207 height=33 id="_x0000_i1028"
src="file: ///D:\ $Data\MFS%20Stuff \website \mybutton1.jpg"> /a> o:p> /o:p> /span> /p>

I've put in extra spaces in there to avoid the forum turning it into a "click here" - I hope.

So if I wanted the status bar to show "Home" over that button, where do I put it. I've tried various hit and miss methods - but without success.


  beynac 15:44 17 Jul 09

Include the following in the link (between the 'a' tags): title="Home"

  beynac 15:47 17 Jul 09

You should include 'title="Home" in the opening <a> tag.

  Chris the Ancient 16:00 17 Jul 09

Thanks for coming back.

Just realise that one of the propensities of this forum is that it leaves out the front end of a tag - i.e. a backwards >

So bear with me while I try to stagger around that.

  Chris the Ancient 16:20 17 Jul 09

Hmmm... tried this...
<td width=246 valign=top style='width:184.5pt;padding:0cm 0cm 0cm 0cm;
<p class=MsoNormal><span style='font-size:8.5pt;font-family:Tahoma;
color:#E5E5E5'><a href="file:///D:\$Data\MFS%20Stuff\website\v2\index.html"
title=Home><img border=0 width=207 height=33 id="_x0000_i1028"

... with and without a colon. Doesn't work (coz I'm in unknown territory).

Where am I going wrong?


  Chris the Ancient 17:17 17 Jul 09

Having investigated loads of other websites, nobody else bothers.

On that basis, neither will I!

CtA 02:13 18 Jul 09

You have forgot these quotes title="Home" as an example look at the source of forum page button About (a href="/about/" title="About PC Advisor" About) I've taken out the opening and closing backets to avoid confusion.

  Chris the Ancient 14:51 18 Jul 09

Finally caught up.

That DID work!

Thanks for the pointer and the help.


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