New Vista System will not wake up

  rabbitrabbit 09:15 22 May 08

Recently invested in a new Vista system (HP Pavilion Desktop PC).

Everything worked fine for two days (installed all my software, etc.) No problems.

Upon reading some online manuals, it tells me that you should never need to switch off your Vista system, simply hitting the "Sleep" button on your keyboard should suffice. Great! So I did this without any worry.

Now, that's it! Won't come out of it's sleep. Keyboard is inactive (hitting "sleep" is no good, none of the lights are on). Monitor has "no signal" so that shuts itself off.

I've tried turning the system off by holding the power button, then back on again. It whirrs into life as normal, but the keyboard and monitor stay in the same sleepy state.

I'm so annoyed!! There seems to be nothing I can do. I've left it on overnight to see if that would help - but no. I've turned it off and restarted a dozen times, still nothing.

Any experiences of fixes with this? I'm gutted that a two day-old computer has gone kaput.

I don't have a Vista disc to help with any re-installations.


  brundle 09:19 22 May 08

click here

Any help?

To wake the computer, move the mouse, press the sleep button on the keyboard or press the power button on the front of the computer.

  johndrew 09:21 22 May 08

`Recently invested in a new Vista system`

How recently? If very recently (under warranty) you should be able to get advice either from the supplier or from HP.


Have you tried turning everything off at the mains switch? You should leave it for a few minutes before turning it back on and then start it as normal.

  rabbitrabbit 09:24 22 May 08

Computer won't wake up, that's the problem. Pressing the "sleep" button on the keyboard, moving the mouse, hitting the power button - none of these are effective.

Thanks for the link though, Brundle :) I'm still faced with a blank screen however. Any further suggestions?

  rabbitrabbit 09:25 22 May 08

Johndrew, it was delivered on Tuesday - so clearly very recent indeed!

  skidzy 16:14 22 May 08

I had a very similar problem when i first got my Vista machine.

This turned out to be a power setting issue.

The link below probably means nothing to you,but sorted my sleep problem.
click here

  starfish1 16:21 22 May 08

Have you tried restarting in safe mode?

You might then be able to alter the power settings.

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